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Europe & the Territories

Cohesion Policy

This Dossier, carried out with the support of the institutions and associations representing local, territorial and regional authorities in the European Union, will seek to promote the strategies implemented with regard to the Union’s policies, the different areas of priority action.

Mme Michèle AZALBERT

Chief Executive Officer of ENGIE BU H2

ENGIE is changing its activity and wants to be a leader in energy efficiency and renewable energy, what is its strategy, what sectors are targeted and what are its assets to succeed? ENGIE is at the forefront of the energy revolution to accelerate the advent of an energy system where energy will be decentralized, decarbonised […]

M. Jean-Michel GENESTIER

Director of European Affairs at SNCF

Everyone knows SNCF but today we know that there are new challenges. Can you at first describe to us the contours of this major corporation? SNCF is known to almost everyone but its business lines are not always fully grasped. The well-known business lines are related to rail infrastructure and the transportation of passengers and […]

M. Jacques JP MARTIN

President of the Paris Est Territory Marne&Bois, President of SIPPEREC

Could you talk to us about the Territory Paris Est Marne&Bois? What are your tasks and responsibilities? This territory, as its name indicates it, is marked by the Marne, which crosses 9 communes out of 13 and the presence of important natural islands such as the Bois de Vincennes or the Departmental Park of the […]

FCH technology supporting energy transition

for cities and regions

The FCH JU (Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking) public-private partnership between industry, research and the European Commission has pioneered new developments in fuel cell and hydrogen (FCH) technology over the past decade. Now, with applications ranging from transport to energy storage on the cusp of commercialisation across Europe, and ‘green’ hydrogen, produced from renewable […]


President of European Association for Storage of Energy (EASE)

Deployment of energy storage is an indispensable instrument for improving flexibility and providing services to the energy system in line with EU energy and climate policy   Would you introduce EASE, its mission and competencies, its members and what they represent? The European Association for Storage of Energy (EASE) is the leading member-supported association representing […]