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Presidency of the European Council 2019

Je vous propose une brève réflexion sur les enjeux stratégiques de la Roumanie pour l’année qui vient. Centenaire oblige, notons que la Roumanie profite aujourd’hui d’une sécurité et d’une prospérité sans précédent. Nos efforts sont fondés en priorité sur des objectifs majeurs : le Grand Centenaire comme repère de réflexion et projection.

Mr Teodor Meleșcanu

Minister of Foreign Affairs in Romania

I offer a brief reflection on Romania’s strategic challenges for the coming year. Centennials may note that Romania benefits today from an unprecedented security and prosperity. Our efforts are based primarily on major objectives: the Great Centennial as a reference for reflection and projection; the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the EU in 2019; […]



On 1 January 2019, Romania will take over its first mandate at the Presidency of the EU Council. The rotating Presidency will unfold at a crucial moment for Europe’s future, when widely shared answers to the current challenges faced by the EU will shape its architecture and decision-making process for the next decade.   In […]

Mme Luminița Odobescu

Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Romania to the European Union

Romania at the helm of the Council of the EU- promoting cohesion, with a citizens-oriented agenda (January- June 2019) Romania will hold for the next six month the presidency of the Council of the EU, first time since it joined the European Union, period in which it will be at the core of the EU […]

Mme Angela CRISTEA

Representative of the European Commission in Romania

Could you talk to us about the European Commission Representation in Romania, your missions and skills? The Commission has a presence in Romania since 1993, when a Delegation was opened for the first time. It has provided support to Romania throughout the accession process and has become a Representation since the moment of accession in […]

Mrs Corina CRETU about Romania

European Commissioner

January 2019 will be another milestone in the recent history of Romania: for the first time, it will hold the rotating presidency of the European Council. And I must say that I am proud of this for our country and its 20 million inhabitants, as I see the Romanian presidency of the European Council as […]