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Official European File


The EU is one of the most important economies in reducing GHG emissions and will reach its emission reduction target by 2020. However, much more needs to be done to harmonize with climate change. the objective of the Paris agreement which stipulates to limit global warming to well below 2° C…


Director of European travel Commission (ETC)

Multilingual executive. Educated in Spain, USA and Austria Mr. Santander holds a PhD and a MBA degree. He has broad experience in tourism marketing, advocacy and public affairs gained in diverse private companies and public institutions from the tourism and hospitality sector. He is also guest lecturer on tourism marketing at international business seminars in […]


Campaign Officer Food & Water Europe

IS THE EU ON TRACK TO GET EUROPE OFF FOSSIL GAS? When we talk about climate change, it is clear what is at stake: The task of making sure that our children will still grow old on a livable planet, ensuring that the Earth stays within a temperature range that allows survival of a rich […]

Mohammad HAYATIFAR, Chemical Recycling Europe

PhD, Secretary General of Chemical Recycling Europe


Could you introduce us to ChemRecEurope, its competencies and tasks? Chemical Recycling Europe (ChemRecEurope) was created early 2019 by key European companies involved in the development of chemical recycling technologies, including Plastic Energy, ReNew ELP, Gr3n, Ioniqa Technologies and IGE Amsterdam with the vision of establishing an industry platform for developing and promoting innovative chemical […]


President of the Professional Federation of Recycling Enterprises (FEDEREC)

Could you introduce us to FEDEREC, its competencies and tasks? (Briefly) FEDEREC, created in 1945, is the French federation representative of recycling companies. It represents a sector of 1,000 companies, that is to say 2,000 recycling sites in France that have a system of sorting and treating waste as well as the marketing of raw […]


Secretary-General of European Confederation of Recycling Industries (EuRIC)

Could you introduce us the EURIC, its tasks and responsibilities  The European Confederation of Recycling Industries (EuRIC) is the trade association for recycling industries at the European level. Our Members consist of the National Recycling Federations present in the majority of the Member States of the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA), […]