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JGDE Reports - Journal Général de l'Europe

“ CZECHIA at the heart of Europe” The Presidency of the Council of the European Union 2022

Europe is not just a name for the continent we live upon. It is first and foremost a collection of principles and values which we uphold and cherish together.
The fundamental ones are freedom and responsibility. Freedom of individuals, but also of nations. Responsibility for oneself, for our families, for other citizens, but also for the environment that surrounds us.

Artificial Intelligence in a Digital Age

We adopt a landmark proposal of this Commission: our first ever legal framework on Artificial Intelligence. It is part of a wider package, which also includes a new coordinated plan with Member States, and a new Machinery regulation. This package presents our European approach to Artificial Intelligence.

Green Transition and Decarbonisation / Fit for 55

This Official Dossier will present after the proposal FIT for 55, the European institutions and government apprehension, doubts and positions and the complexity of solutions to decarbonisation. How Innovation and collaboration between the sectors will be critical, along with a multi- faceted approach. How it will be important both for the leaders of industrials and for government leaders to be in sync on this complex transition and to support the transition with convenient policy and required predictability around future cost developments.

DOHA FORUM 2022 : Transforming for a New Era

DOHA FORUM 2022 : Transforming for a New Era
Top Diplomats, Experts and Changemakers gather at Doha Forum to explore Transforming for a New Era



European Official File Release : EICES COVID-19 (The Economic and Industrial Strategy for Emerging from the COVID-19 Crisis). The European Council is expected to shift EU leaders’ attention away from immediate and short-term priorities, such as limiting the spread of the coronavirus, to a longer-term strategic approach focused on a recovery strategy for the European Union, and the financing thereof. The recovery strategy could be based on four pillars.

European Official File


The EU is one of the most important economies in reducing GHG emissions and will reach its emission reduction target by 2020. However, much more needs to be done to harmonize with climate change. the objective of the Paris agreement which stipulates to limit global warming to well below 2° C…


at the occasion of the Congress of the Association Villes de France in Albi in June 2019

The Villes de France association is an association of elected representatives from the cities and intercommunities that make up the urban fabric of our country. The cities we represent comprise between 10,000 and 100,000 inhabitants and form a bridge between big cities and rural territories…


Presidency of the European Council 2019

I offer you a brief reflection on the strategic issues of Romania for the coming year. A centenary obliges us to note that Romania enjoys today an unprecedented security and prosperity. Our efforts are based primarily on major objectives: the Great Centenary as a point of reflection and projection.