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European Official File Release : EICES COVID-19 (The Economic and Industrial Strategy for Emerging from the COVID-19 Crisis). The European Council is expected to shift EU leaders’ attention away from immediate and short-term priorities, such as limiting the spread of the coronavirus, to a longer-term strategic approach focused on a recovery strategy for the European Union, and the financing thereof. The recovery strategy could be based on four pillars.

European Official File


The EU is one of the most important economies in reducing GHG emissions and will reach its emission reduction target by 2020. However, much more needs to be done to harmonize with climate change. the objective of the Paris agreement which stipulates to limit global warming to well below 2° C…


at the occasion of the Congress of the Association Villes de France in Albi in June 2019

The Villes de France association is an association of elected representatives from the cities and intercommunities that make up the urban fabric of our country. The cities we represent comprise between 10,000 and 100,000 inhabitants and form a bridge between big cities and rural territories…


Presidency of the European Council 2019

Je vous propose une brève réflexion sur les enjeux stratégiques de la Roumanie pour l’année qui vient. Centenaire oblige, notons que la Roumanie profite aujourd’hui d’une sécurité et d’une prospérité sans précédent. Nos efforts sont fondés en priorité sur des objectifs majeurs : le Grand Centenaire comme repère de réflexion et projection.

Europe & the Territories

Cohesion Policy

This Dossier, carried out with the support of the institutions and associations representing local, territorial and regional authorities in the European Union, will seek to promote the strategies implemented with regard to the Union’s policies, the different areas of priority action.

Collection Europe & the Territories

"Environment & Circular Economy - Energy & Energy Transition"

The “Energy Union” package aims to provide affordable, safe and sustainable energy for Europe and its citizens. The EU must reduce spending on energy imports. These imports cost about 350 billion euros a year, making the EU the largest energy importer in the world.

Brittany Region

Entre le local et le global

Brittany is in the middle of the European Regions, with a GDP around 90% of the average. It faces handicaps mainly linked to its geographical position: it is a peninsula, far from the centers of population and decision-making on the continent.

Focus Rabat-Salé-Kénitra

« Projet de régionalisation avancée marocain »

If we take a compass and we draw a semi-circle, the region of Rabat-Salé-Kenitra is almost in the middle of the most dynamic areas of the Moroccan territory. Finally, in 2011, His Majesty King Mohammed VI announced an amendment to the Moroccan Constitution to introduce the “project of advanced Moroccan regionalization.