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The Culinary College of France

The Culinary College of France

The Culinary College of France was founded in 2011 by 27 great French chefs who believed their vocation was to promote restoration quality in France and throughout the world. It contributes to the influence of the French gastronomic culture and economy. It supports, promotes and develops the heritage and future of traditional culinary heritage. It encourages exploring and valuing all the culinary cultures of the world. The Culinary College of France is today the largest gathering of recognized and uncontested chefs on the planet.


Collectif pendant la Grande Rencontre Annuelle 2018 du Collège Culinaire de France


An innovative ambition

Faced with the industrialization and the food standardization that can no longer produce without destroying, Culinary College of France’s ambition is to bring out a new eco-food system based on craftsmanship and diversity. Its name “Restaurants and Quality Artisanal Producers”, created in 2013 is a militant movement that mobilizes professional men and women committed to the same values and the same practices. It is the only Appellation, to date, which is concretely used to link and animate in the field, the synergies between Artisanal Producers and Quality Restaurants of all categories.


Diner Complice – nouveau moment de convivialité au restaurant lancé par le Collège Culinaire

An activist vision of quality

The Culinary College of France considers that the regulations, technical certifications, norms of all kinds as necessary as they may be, overwhelm us every day a little more and cause administrative indigestion. They are also insufficient to really ensure quality. The Culinary College’s desire is to impose a singular conception of quality: a militant quality rather than a standardized quality that too often remains, above all, a marketing display instrument.

Quality cannot be operated by one more label. The primary source of quality is first and foremost relational quality. Quality cannot exist sustainably without the commitment of tradespeople who produce human added value and cultivate the diversity of the earth onto our plates. It is on this conviction and this militant commitment that the name “Restaurants and Quality Artisanal Producers” has been created. It is the story of a man’s passion and that of a territory behind a restaurant and behind a product. It is the commitment to a permanent search for improvement and transmission. It is a human chain that involves everyone’s responsibility: producer, restaurateur and consumer. The producer depends on the land. The restaurateur depends on the producer. The consumer depends on the responsibility of his choices. It is about taking back the power on what one produces, on what one cooks, on what one serves and on what one consumes.


A growing mobilization based on clear principles

The total financial, economic and professional independence of the network from agribusiness and public authorities draws all its strength from the energy and numerous initiatives of the members throughout the territory. The operation of the collective is based on the single contribution of one euro per day requested to each member of the Appellation.

Based on these principles, the network has been growing at a steady pace since its creation, with, at the end of 2018, counts more than 1,700 quality restaurants (RQ) and more than 800 Quality Artisanal Producers (PAQs), including 150 Winemakers. There is more and more sharing between Quality Restaurants in the same region and between Quality Producers throughout the territory. A new dynamic is also nowadays instilled by the Winemakers, recently admitted to the eligibility of the Appellation.


Journée d’Echanges Régionale à Taste of Paris 2018

An innovative selection and control system

The candidate restaurateurs and artisanal producers at the Appellation of Quality are men and women of trade who are selected based on three main criteria. They carry with them an identity and a story behind their restaurants or their products. They practice transparency on the known origin of the products and on the artisanal methods of breeding, fishing, cultivating and manufacturing the products they work. They are committed to the nutritional qualities and authentic taste of cooking and products that are good for people’s health and for the planet.

More than 200 referent chefs and producers create links across the territory and are mobilized in each region to monitor, evaluate and oversee the continuous improvement of the quality of the entire network. The final arbitration takes place each month countrywide where each file must be unanimously accepted by the founding members.


Structuring and thematic committees

They are animated by the most committed members. They are supported by the enlightenment of several experts, in different fields, who are attached to the quality and development of the Appellation. The themes are constitutive of the Culinary College of France’s identity and commitments, such as the transparency, seasonality, craftsmanship of our culinary heritage, as well as the control of the network and the economy of the quality…


Régis Marcon et Patrick Gazo, ostréiculteur

Dynamic perspectives

The identity, mode of operation and strategic choices initiated today position the Culinary College of France in a unique way in the world of culinary craftsmanship.

A significant progress in actions can be noted on several levels. The Culinary College of France’s presence is deployed with thirty regional grouping initiatives. A fundamental action is also carried out with hotel and cooking schools in order to motivate them to commit, in the long term, to the awareness of seasonality through a process of continuous improvement of the restaurant-producer relationship. Moreover, the continuous optimization of communication increases the Appellation’s visibility every year. The website now allows the geolocation of Quality Restaurants closest to one’s current location all throughout France. More than 17,000 subscribers follow the network on Facebook and many of them are developing very active exchanges. Added to this are targeted positions in the national press on transparency, seasonality and recruitment. Also, there is a systematic presence in the regional press in support of our deployment throughout the territory.

The Culinary College of France is also developing two structuring projects that are at the heart of its identity and its culture. The “Accomplice Dinners” between Producers and Quality Restaurants that raises awareness and integrates the customer link at the heart of our chain of quality.

The Great Annual Meeting is the event that brings together all the network members in a convivial atmosphere and makes the true face of our collective, the human stories of relationships embodied between Producers and Quality Restaurateurs, legible. Testimonies of lived experiences, concrete commitments, shared initiatives and results achieved among the members are a striking demonstration of the reality and productivity of the values and practices of our collective. They are the expression of value, our singular identity that stands out from other associations of the culinary universe.


A singular conception of the profession of its values and its artisanal practices

  • There is no quality without diversity
  • There is no quality cooking without quality products
  • There is no quality product without transparency and traceability on the products


The Culinary College of France in figures

At the end of 2018, the Culinary College of France is a network of :

more than 1,700 Quality Restaurants

more than 800 Quality Producers

including 200 Chefs and Referent Producers who bring together the whole territory

more than 17,000 Facebook subscribers






Collège Culinaire de France
64 rue du Ranelagh Paris 16e
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