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Interview with Mr Franck BENITZA, President

M. Franck BENITZA, President

Could you give us a quick introduction to KeepTRACE, its history, its competencies and the key figures of your activity?

KeepTrace from INNOVACTION group, a conglomerate of expert companies in the fields of telematics, network, innovative electrical cables, and access control created in 1996, is now an expert in geolocation of motorized objects (cars, trucks, etc.) or not (containers, trailers etc.).

In fact, with our various technology partners and our R & D (Research and Development) Division, we have developed innovative and scalable embedded solutions to offer efficient and customized application solutions.

Our international presence in countries with demanding criteria, has enabled us to enrich our know-how and offer made to measure and in-depth geolocation solutions dedicated to the management of resources: fleets of vehicles. The DNA of our customers!


KeepTRACE interface view via the website solution © KeepTRACE, 2019

Could you explain to us your partnership agreement with Mobileye?

MOBILEYE, company of the group Intel, is the global leader in the domain of vision and artificial intelligence, data analysis, localization and cartography apply to advanced systems of driver assistance and autonomous driving. Through Mobileye, companies exploiting fleets across the whole world were able to see a significant reduction of collisions and associated costs.

In this way, the MOBILEYE and KEEP TRACE companies offers you a complete solution. On the one hand, you benefit from an innovative technology watching constantly the road in front of the vehicle. The Mobileye system identifies the risky situations and supplies visual and audible alerts to enable the driver to avoid or ease a collision. That way, when customers buy both Mobileye and our telematics platform KeepTRACE, they receive a full solution for all their needs. Those on-board and application solutions are an absolute management tool enabling to maximize the organization, improve the productivity and consequently reduce the operating costs of your company car fleet.


Photo taken at “Flottes Automobiles” at the KeepTRACE/Mobileye stand © KeepTRACE, 2019

In this regard, you are directly linked to mobility and consequently to community transport systems and networks. How do Mobileye and KeepTRACE really contribute to the emergence of the “smart city”?

Mobility is at the heart of smart city projects. These smart cities need to integrate the intelligence of embedded systems capable of communicating with many systems in real time. The main issue to the ideal of a smart city is for us to propose a system that is both efficient, easily accessible, affordable, safe and environmentally friendly. This integration allows a reduced environmental footprint, optimizes the use of the urban space and offers drivers a diverse range of mobility solutions that meet all their needs.

Geolocation systems promote the safety of employees, but also the goods or people they are responsible for, especially in the event of failures or accidents. The collision avoidance system improves the driving habits of motorists while providing a more serene and safer driving. A study on vehicle fleets showed that the use of these technologies reduced the risk of accidents by 45%.


Image illustrating the Mobileye collision avoidance system’s alerts © Mobileye, 2019

What is your vision of autonomous vehicles within cities? What are the objectives to be met? What are the constraints?

Most road accidents are caused by an error made by the driver. Autonomous cars help reduce accidents and improve road safety. Also, they allow to make traffic more fluid and limit traffic jam caused mainly by the reaction time of man and his inattention.

Mobileye is working to develop technology for fully autonomous cars. The solution designed by Mobileye aims to supply the “eyes” to the onboard system. No fewer than twelve cameras are placed at different locations in the vehicle to offer a 360-degree configuration for a long-reach panoramic view.

Despite the many advantages brought by the autonomous car some reluctance persists. Regulation issues still arise: “who will be responsible in the event of an accident?”, “will the driver’s license still be mandatory?” But also, ethical questions, “what will be the reaction of these machines facing a situation of extreme urgency or even a vital decision?” But this question is contradictory because the autonomous car will have enough security devices (emergency braking, anticipation of obstacles, etc.) so that the probability of such a scenario is much lower.


You are currently working on an innovation dedicated to people with reduced mobility. Could you talk to us about your approach on this subject?

We work with several partners specialised in the transport of person with reduced mobility, which intervene especially on behalf of local authorities and regions.

Our goal is to provide an automated solution for the care of people with disabilities and children. It will be possible to be informed at any time about the pick-up and the drop off of the person transported (on the points of interest: schools, houses, centers…) via email or SMS notifications or directly through the solution interface.

KeepTRACE is already present in many cities and regions. What are your development opportunities?

The year 2019 should be a year of strong growth on the French market. We want to strengthen our presence with the local communities either with the KeepTRACE solution or KeepTRACE/Mobileye solution. We have already started pilot tests. We are also pursuing our development in European and international markets thanks to our technological and strategic partners (Mobileye, Teltonika…).




20 bis rue Barnave, 38400 Saint-Martin-d’Hères
TEL : 04 57 38 17 77


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