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Deauville – responsible international destinations

9 French tourist cities mobilize to become "responsible international destinations" ISO20121 certified

Biarritz, Bordeaux, Cannes, Deauville, Marseille, Metz, Nancy, Nantes and Rennes, nine member cities of France Congresses and Events *, took the decision to mobilize to become “responsible international destinations”. They commit themselves to deploy a strategy and actions in favor of the eco-friendly reception of ephemeral visitors (participants in events, business tourists and leisure tourists). They will include the issuance of ISO20121 certification. At their convention in Deauville last week, they presented the stakes of the process.

Actively supported by Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, Secretary of State to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and accompanied by Green Events *, the initiative aims to strengthen France’s leading position in the responsible reception of tourists and tourists. events.



In the dynamics of the objectives of the French Presidency of the G7

The “Responsible International Destination” initiative is part of a dynamic initiated by the French presidency of the G7, which wanted the Biarritz summit, as well as the various meetings of the ministers who preceded it, to be exemplary in the fight against inequalities, especially between women and men, as well as limited environmental impact. This approach resulted in the ISO20121 certification of the Biarritz summit and the creation of an Equality Label Men Women Great Events.


An unprecedented initiative that contributes to the attractiveness of the territory

The concept of “responsible international destination ISO20121” is inspired by this initiative. “This is a formidable challenge, which concerns the entire tourism and local event ecosystem,” explains Philippe Augier, President of France Congress and Events and Mayor of Deauville.

“We need to engage the public and private partners in the area to be more responsible, it’s a deep, time-consuming job, but today’s world does not give us the choice and we let’s hope that this responsible approach contributes to the attractiveness of our territory “.


At the initiative of the project and in charge of accompanying destinations towards certification, Béatrice Eastham, founder and president of the Green Events consulting firm notes the originality of the initiative:

“There is no example today in the world of such an initiative, the purpose of this operation is to bring together the tourist and event stakeholders of a city so that together, they work to limit the environmental footprint, fight against inequalities and create a sustainable innovation dynamic for all “.


7 commitments and 24 measures

During the summer, a diagnosis was conducted in the 9 pilot territories, which had already deployed a responsible and environmental management system on all or part of its activities. Several dozen local actors and national and international experts were interviewed and identified 7 topics on which the 9 pilot destinations commit to act:

  1. Deploy open and transparent governance
  2. Strengthen sustainable mobility
  3. Fight against waste
  4. Tourism as an engine of inclusion
  5. Protect and enhance the economy and local heritage
  6. Undertake an innovation program
  7. Involve visitors, organizers and receivers in sustainable dynamics


The 9 destinations are committed to obtaining the certification “International Responsible Destinations ISO20121” on the perimeter including management of infrastructure and tourism (business and leisure) by the end of 2020.

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