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The road to climate neutrality in transport

By Alain Mathuren Communication Director FuelsEurope

in July, the European Commission presented its Fit for 55 Package aimed at achieving climate neutrality by 2050 and Europe delivering its share in addressing the climate challenge. Closer to end of the year 195 parties reiterated in Glasgow at COP26 their willingness to keep the increase in global average temperature well below 2C above […]

Cybersecurity: ITRE MEPs delegation to Czech Republic

A delegation of MEPs will be in Prague and Brno from Monday 21st to Wednesday 23rd of February to discuss cybersecurity, digital and AI skills, and Space policy. The delegation from the European Parliament’s Industry, Research and Energy committee will meet university and business representatives, MPs from the Czech Parliament’s Committee on Security, as well as the […]

Rule of Law conditionality: MEPs call on the Commission to act immediately

Following the Court of Justice ruling on the “rule of law conditionality” mechanism, MEPs demand that the Commission applies it and protects EU values. “The rule of law is our treasure”, said Clément Beaune on behalf of the French Presidency of the Council. He welcomed the “necessary legal clarity” given today by the Court and […]

The EU must speak with one voice on foreign policy

EU must take the lead in strengthening multilateral partnerships Call for increased and credible military and security assistance to Ukraine Need for a robust defence policy and a more resilient European Union Stop individual member states from vetoing foreign policy MEPs call for a more effective EU foreign and security policy and a stronger defence […]

European Parliament approved reform of road haulage charging

Time-based road charging to be phased out, switching to tolls Charges reduced for zero- or low-emission vehicles New rules extended to buses, vans and passenger cars Under the new rules adopted on Thursday, road charges for trucks will move from time-based to distance-based charging, making polluter-pays principles work better. Parliament gave the final green light […]

Hazardous substances in the workplace: EP approves deal for stricter EU rules

Rapporteur Stefania Zambelli (ID, IT)

Rapporteur Stefania Zambelli (ID, IT)

Reprotoxic substances covered by binding maximum exposure levels for the first time Exposure limits for acrylonitrile and nickel compounds, downward revision of the limits for benzene Better training for healthcare workers for handling hazardous medicinal products Today, Parliament gave the final green light for an update to EU rules on limiting workers’ exposure to carcinogens, mutagens […]

Boost offshore renewable energy sources to meet climate targets

Renewables must be deployed more quickly to meet emission reduction targets Shorter procedures to get permits, increase public acceptance of offshore wind energy Offshore wind farms can benefit marine biodiversity if designed and build sustainably MEPs highlight that the cost of offshore wind has fallen dramatically the last two decades © AFP/Eric Feferberg   MEPs […]

Russia’s threats against Ukraine are a wake-up call for Europe, MEPs say

  On Wednesday, MEPs debated the latest efforts to de-escalate Russia’s military threats against Ukraine © European Union 2022 – EP   In a debate on EU-Russia relations, European security and Russia’s military threat against Ukraine, MEPs called for a united response and voiced support for Ukraine. On Wednesday morning, MEPs took stock of the […]

EU job-search aid worth €3.7 million for 297 dismissed Airbus workers in France

Redundancies in the aerospace sector due to COVID-19-related restrictions Dismissed employees are from the Pays de la Loire and Occitanie regions, both heavily dependent on aeronautics Aid will support workers with business creation training and start-up grants Almost 300 Airbus employees in France who lost their jobs because of the COVID-19 pandemic will receive €3.7 […]

Parliament approves €1.2 billion in loans to Ukraine

€1.2 billion loan to cover external financing gap caused by acute crisis First tranche to be disbursed immediately, if certain conditions are met On Wednesday, MEPs gave the green light to a €1.2 billion macro-financial loan to help Ukraine cover its external financing needs in 2022. Parliament agreed to a Commission proposal to provide Kyiv with macro-financial assistance, […]