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DEVEHO Consulting Group

International partner of Sage

DEVEHO Consulting Group supports companies in their development with the implementation of the Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management solution (formerly Sage X3). In 2012, the Group opened its first office outside France in Bucharest, Romania.




Interview with Guy Leclercq, Founder and CEO of DEVEHO Consulting Group

The international mood is an integral part of your business. How does this work?

Our ambition has always been to provide global support to our customers, mainly SMEs, ETIs and subsidiaries of large groups. Since the beginning, we have relied on our expertise around Sage’s Enterprise Management offering combined with our project management experience in multi-country contexts. We are convinced that opening beyond our borders is a fundamental issue on which we have a vital role to play and that this must be approached differently than a local project.

International is our daily life at DEVEHO Consulting Group. Today, the group is represented in 8 countries with teams of more than 10 nationalities, which is a real human wealth. In this multicultural context, our teams allow us to work with more proximity and thus facilitate exchanges with our customers regardless of their location. Another very important point is our activity of publishing localisations and enriching the Enterprise Management solution by creating add-ons. This allows us to propose a solution that complies with the country’s tax and accounting regulations (eg Romania) and respond to international issues.


Your activity is therefore dual: integrator and publisher. Is it a way to propose a different offer on the market?

Being an integrator of a globally recognized enterprise management solution and publisher for this solution is indeed a differentiating element. This double cap allows us to offer a solution that, on the one hand, has proven itself by its performance and reliability to more than 6,000 companies worldwide, and on the other side, which adapts to local constraints of the country with the regulatory changes that we bring. The power of an international solution and the finesse of local adaptations! We cover the business needs of any business as well as the legal requirements of each country.

To date, we are responsible for Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management of Romania but also of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and the Netherlands. Depending on the demand, we also have the ability to extend the solution to other countries.


Present since 2012 in Bucharest, what is your vision of companies in Romania?

Following recurring requests from local businesses, we formalized our partnership with Sage regarding Romania in 2012 and opened an office in Bucharest. In a few years, we have seen Romanian companies evolve. Sustained growth in Romania makes this country a dynamic market with the arrival of many international players. Scarcity of resources, strong earnings growth and frequent changes in tax rules are some of the key issues we face. As for the new uses related to process automation and the digitization of the economy, they require reinventing themselves to remain competitive. It is in this sense that we propose new solutions with Cloud, mobility, …

We also meet more and more Romanian companies that export to conquer new markets. A business management solution like Enterprise Management helps them in these changes by bringing reliability and agility. Being implanted locally also allows us to respond to the need for proximity to our customers. Finally, we intervene to anticipate and plan these evolutions in the information system of the company and so that it remains fluid for our customers at constrained costs.


In 2019, DEVEHO Consulting Group will celebrate its 10th anniversary. What is the key to your success?

We have experienced sustained and controlled growth since the beginning of 2009. The Group has evolved considerably and now has teams of 60 people in 8 countries. During these 10 years, we tried to reinvent ourselves permanently, to keep our know-how at the service of our customers. Our on-going investment in our teams has allowed us to take on this growth.

But our greatest satisfaction is that of our customers whom we accompany with as much enthusiasm in twenty countries. This New Year marks a step towards new developments, and new challenges that push us to go further and open new offices to always be closer to our customers.



Contact :
• Siège social : 42 rue de l’Université – 69007 Lyon – +33 (0)4 78 02 71 72
• Bureau Paris : 11, rue de Cambrai – L’Artois – 75019 Paris – +33 (0)1 78 42 91 68
• Bureau Romania : Splaiul Unirii Nr.4 – Bl.B3, Tronson 3, Et.4, Birou 4.3 – Sector 4, Bucuresti – Tel.: +40 (0)21 311 70 60

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