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Green taxation at the heart of the economy – 2 opposing faces of the climate: Which direction?

Yannick Jadot MEP (Greens)

What ecological navigation will be proposed to save the climate. We say to save the climate we must tax the rich. The climate wealth tax (ISF) is one of the ecological proposals put forward for the 2022 presidential election. This taxation of the rich, which would take carbon emissions into account, would serve to penalize climate investments.

The idea is slowly gaining ground. The proposal for a climate wealth tax (ISF) burst into the presidential debate. For the moment, it is perhaps, moreover, the only substantive, ecological proposal that has succeeded in breaking through in this gloomy climate where reactionary thought dominates. On the left, the various candidates have reappropriated the measure, first within the environmentalist primary with Éric Piolle and Yannick Jadot, but also among the socialists and rebellious France

Before entering the political arena, the climate TFR was first developed within civil society. His idea germinated in the offices of Greenpeace just a year ago. While the 2021 finance bill was being discussed in the National Assembly, the members of the NGO sought a way to relaunch the debate around green taxation and to pose the question of fair “sharing of the effort”. in the face of global warming.

For now, the government is struggling to find arguments to oppose this measure:

In the National Assembly, the amendments of the Écologie Démocratie Solidarité (EDS) group, the Socialists and France Insoumise were swept aside, without debate, on the grounds that the climate ISF “increase [has] taxation”.

Barbara Pompili also kicked in touch: “The climate ISF that Yannick Jadot is proposing, would you do it? Asked our journalist. “On the climate ISF, what we consider is that we must protect the French from rising prices, replied to the Minister of Ecological Transition, and therefore there are plenty of tools, some of which are we are setting up. Yannick Jadot suggests others, but you can see that the important thing is to protect the French and specially to ensure that in the future they can cope with climate change. ”

In June 2020, the Citizen’s Climate Convention, instituted by the government, also called for the creation of a “green ISF”, but the executive did not take up their proposal. With the presidential election, Greenpeace now hopes to impose the subject. The timing seems right, the association said. And Clément Sénéchal to quote Victor Hugo: “Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come. ”

French Presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2022: What are the priorities of environmentalists?

Yannick Jadot, MEP and candidate for the 2022 presidential election, spoke about his expectations of President Macron within the framework of the French Presidency of the Council of European Union (PFUE), and on his intentions if he took over.

“Europe is an absolutely essential subject for environmentalists,” said Yannick Jadot in the introduction. And the PFUE could be a period of influence to orient European policies towards more ecology. Moreover, the MEP recalled that the 2008 Climate-Energy package had been adopted under the French presidency.

In this “roadmap for an environmentalist PFUE”, Yannick Jadot indicated that he hoped that the French presidency would make it possible to go further in the objectives of reducing greenhouse gases (-65% by 2030), extend climate objectives to European imports, and prevent the integration of transport and housing into the carbon market, which would be “total irresponsibility from a social point of view” according to him.

On the theme of human rights and justice, Yannick Jadot urged Emmanuel Macron to boycott the Beijing Olympic Games – like the United States – and to “carry all his weight” so that Europe initiates proceedings against Hungary and Poland. He also recalled that “one of the challenges of the PFUE will be the new pact for asylum and immigration”.


A period of influence

During his speech, Yannick Jadot did not content himself with stating his aspirations within the framework of a macronist PFUE. He also detailed the major issues he would carry and the directions he would take if he took over from the PFUE. He would then use the influence of such a position to “bring the end of glyphosate to European level”, “broaden the recovery plan”, “redefine the stability pact”. Using a well-understood formula – “France is our home, Europe is our village” – Yannick Jadot hinted that if he is elected at the head of France, he will lead a policy that takes into account European scale. “Environmentalists can create a dynamic for France to be strong and build a powerful Europe” he stressed.


However, the MEP regretted the maintenance of the PFUE during the electoral period. “President Macron has chosen a biased, reduced, truncated PFUE” he blurted out. “France’s power of influence will be reduced. “

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