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The Higher Institute of Building and Public Works

a pier of an engineering structure

The Higher Institute of Building and Public Works (ISBA TP) is a consular training establishment in Marseille, expert in the specialization of engineers in the field of civil engineering.

Founded in 1952, by construction companies in the PACA region to meet the urgent need for major post-war reconstruction and infrastructure modernization projects in the Marseille region, the ISBA-TP is recognized for the quality of its trainings.

The institute has been developing high-level courses in a tradition of quality and innovation recognized by the State since 1953. The diploma of the ISBA TP has been certified by the CTI (Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur) since 1957.


The ISBA TP develops three specialties:


The ISBA-TP is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Training of civil engineering specialization level BAC + 6 (years)
  • Expert services, counselling for businesses, project owners and project managers,
  • Applied research on topics related to the development of new technologies
  • Continuous training provided by FORMISBA: tailor-made training courses inside and outside of companies


Rehabilitation of the Utelle tunnel in the 06 department


The Institute welcomes each year small promotions of 40 to 60 engineering students and prepares them in 15 months to the degree of Engineer specialized in Civil Engineering.

Strong points:

  • accreditation by the Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur (CTI)
  • proximity with companies and engineering consultants of the PACA region
  • 6-month internship in a company
  • 100% employability 6 months after graduation.


Tower “La Marseillaise” built in Marseille

Our educational teams, through their teachings, have the will to transmit to all our engineering students values such as openness to the world, ethics, rigor, and professionalism.


Over the years, we have built and expanded an engaged and quality educational team of professionals who are experts in their field of teaching.

The construction and public works sector is a strong global economic sector, expected to grow by 70% by 2020.

The evolution of the sector at national and international levels towards the technologies of tomorrow and eco-construction makes it a sector with high potential for the employment of young graduate engineers.

The construction sector includes all the activities of design and construction of public or private buildings, both industrial and non-industrial, of infrastructure related to land or sea transport, and of urbanization equipment related to the development of human activity.

The professions and tradecrafts offered in the construction sector are not limited to the design and construction of structures, but also concern the life of buildings and structures in their operations of development, upkeep, and maintenance, until their deconstruction.

Some figures (estimated FBB –June 2014) of the construction sector in the French economy in 2013:

  • 347 000 businesses
  • 1 469 000 assets
  • 126 billion euros (excluding tax) of works


The sector suffers from a lack of qualified engineers, and will have to increase its recruitment in the next ten years.

The levels of qualification required are becoming higher because of the evolution of technologies, and the increasing complexity of current projects. In addition, the advent of digital technology, which will revolutionize the construction sector, requires highly versatile and highly technical engineer profiles.


1 rue Saint Sébastien, 13006 Marseille
Téléphone : 04 91 39 33 86


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