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Mr Jean-Paul BORONAT

President of European Association for Storage of Energy (EASE)

VERTPOM: Building Positive Energy Territories


VERTPOM® acronym for “Veritable enERgy of a Territory that is POsitive and Modular” was launched in June 2017 with the support of the Program of Future Investments operated by the ADEME. This multi-fluid, multi-energy process develops intelligence applied to networks by optimizing resources in order to obtain the territory’s energy independence.

VERTPOM® the Real Revolution of Energy Networks

VERTPOM® is supported by a consortium that develops and deploys a VERTPOM-BANK® decision support tool called the energy bank. This will maintain an optimized balance between the available energy from the production (conventional and renewable energy) with regard to uses (consumption and losses), in connection with the means of energy storage. It is the tool allowing a given territory to turn into a positive energy territory “POSET”.

The energy bank is based on algorithms for prediction and simulations of energy production levels, consumption levels and losses on the various distribution systems. It operates a common database (Big Data). The use of artificial intelligence will be encouraged (machine learning, deep learning).

Upstream, the territory’s energy level (positive or negative) will be evaluated. Then the energy bank will look for and simulate all possible scenarios to improve the production / use balance, while identifying renewable energies specific to the territory.

Technological Contributions, a Necessity for the Territory

Energy networks must be more responsive, flexible, and thus promote interactions between market players. The BANK OF ENERGY will contribute to these objectives by proposing various functionalities:

  • Collect data on networks through remotely controllable sensors and devices (multi-fluid intelligent IBox, sensors), the MDE
  • Quickly analyse the state of the network (electricity, water, gas)
  • Anticipate local production from renewable energies and energy storage
  • Enable the development of Demand-Side Management (DSM): by providing information on energy consumption and by allowing usage management
  • Optimize the peak consumption and interact intelligently with the end consumer (consumer)
  • Enable the disposition of new services: the smart charging station for Electric Vehicles (EV) “BOOK & PLUG” which transforms the constraint into an asset.
  • Contribute to the implementation and control of new flexibilities: storage, peak management programs, power management (production and demand), dynamic rates, etc.
  • Provide information to customers, suppliers and other market players and ensure the safety and stability of the network


VERTPOM® combines new advanced information and communication network technologies while also respecting data protection (RGPD).

The Territory, Market Facilitator

The territory is at the crossroads of energy, climate, economic, environmental, social and societal issues.

Increasing the volume of information multiplies the prospects for their use with the need to develop new technical solutions to manage them while ensuring their security (cyber security) and the privacy of consumers.

Tomorrow, the fundamental role and responsibilities with regard to data management will be essentially: be a market facilitator, allow network access and connection in a transparent and non-discriminatory way, and ensure security of supply and quality of service.

The steps and the approach of the VERTPOM® process are illustrated in a synthetic way by the following diagram:


The Territory: Export Showcase

VERTPOM® is a modular global offer, consisting of techno-economic packages ranging from energy management to user monitoring and include cyber-security, scalable storage, energy efficiency of public infrastructures…

It is adapted to the French and international Distribution System Operators (DSOs) market. Europe and MENA countries are particularly targeted.

GAZELEC, THE UNIVERSITY OF PICARDIE JULES VERNE, the cities of PERONNE and SAINT QUENTIN in the Hauts de France are the showcase of French know-how at the international level.



Within the consortium, VERTPOM® is managed by: CIAC INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGIES, a JEI “Jeune Entreprise Innovante” (Young Innovative Company) specialist in energy and communication technologies and developer of the GO-IDems® concept, the multi-fluid Smart Grid “turnkey” solution.


GAZELEC DE PÉRONNE Multi-fluid Distribution Network Manager (electricity, gas and water)


The cities of PERONNE and SAINT QUENTIN in the Hauts de France


GAZELEC de PERONNE distributes and manages on its territory its users and customers including 1400 public lighting points from:

  • a connection to the GRT gas network (64 bars),
  • two 63 kV proprietary source stations, (1 for the withdrawal and 1 for the injection of renewables)
  • a 4.5 MW dispatchable gas production plant,
  • 50kWp photovoltaic energy in its own name
  • additional 250 kWp photovoltaic energy in the city
  • 20.5 megawatts of wind.


THE UNIVERSITY OF PICARDIE JULES VERNE employs five specialized laboratories:

  • Innovative Technologies Laboratory (LTI, EA 3899)
  • Amiens Laboratory of Fundamental and Applied Mathematics (LAMFA, UMR 7352 CNRS)
  • Modelling, Information & Systems (MIS, EA 4290)
  • University Centre for Research on Public Action and Politics (CURAPP, UMR 7319 CNRS)
  • Research Centre in Psychology, Cognition, Psyche and Organizations (CRPCPO, EA 7273)


CIAC IT and all the partners of the Vertpom consortium will be present at the “European Utility Week” (Pavillon France), which will take place in Vienna, Austria, from November 6 to 8, 2018.

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