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European investments and public services  Towards a more harmonious development and increased cohesion

15:13 11/05/2016 yoga

In order to promote a harmonious development on the whole territory, the European Union ambitions to reinforce its economic, social and territorial cohesion. It specifically aims to reduce the development disparity level between several regions that composes it. With this aim in mind, some « more investments should be given to infrastructures, particularly broadband and energy network, as well as transportation infrastructure in industrial centres, education, research and innovation, renewable energy and energetic efficiency » warned J. C. Junker in his application for European Commission presidency speech. Making energy safer, cheaper, more sustainable, increasing growth and employment, without creating new debts, and deleting impediments in order to fully exploit the possibilities given by the Internet. Here are three of the most important approaches of the European Commission that will allow the reinforcement of economic, social and territorial cohesion. The Service of General Interest (SGI) and the Service of General Economic Interest (SGEI) will be the main actors to interact with in this politic. The EU attaches importance to everyone getting access to the SGI. It is always confirmed by the European Committee, with the requirement that « universal access guarantee, continuity, high quality, affordability are key elements of a consumer politic in the SGI domain », especially in domains such as energy, education, research and innovation in digital matters. This file will endeavour to give the floor to the actors of this European’s ambition and to present its main apparatus that are often unknown from its addressees: the Europeans.