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The city of Saint-Avertin chooses the new Locken solution for its accessibility management

Saint-Avertin, a dynamic city of 15,000 inhabitants located on the right bank of the Cher, is part of Tours’ agglomeration, the latter being twenty times larger. It was the burning of a gym, in 2010, and the requirements of insurance companies, that led the city to reflect upon the security of its various implementations. In […]

Mr Jonathan GAINCHE

Managing Director of Villes de France Association

Could you tell us about your missions as General Manager of Villes de France? Under the authority of the President of Villes de France, the Deputy President and the Board of Directors, my mission is to maintain Ville de France’s network. I ensure the maximum representation of the association with the national public authorities, the […]

Mrs Caroline CAYEUX

President of the Villes de France Association

The Villes de France association is an association of elected representatives from the cities and intercommunities that make up the urban fabric of our country. The cities we represent comprise between 10,000 and 100,000 inhabitants and form a bridge between big cities and rural territories. Our elected representatives are motivated by a desire of alliance […]


Responsible renovation: the focus on carbon

Engaged in a process of decarbonising its economy, France seeks to move to an accelerated pace towards the success of its energy transition. To do this, the renovation of the housing stock must change the existing housing stock towards a clean and energy efficient model, a prerequisite to move towards a responsible and sustainable future. […]

Mr Frédéric CHEREAU

Mayor of Douai

Action Cœur de Ville was born from the report, initially carried by the mayors, of a slow commercial desertification of medium-sized cities, aggravated for ten years. Three causes explain this phenomenon. The first two, the development of large commercial areas on the outskirts and the peri-urbanization of housing, are already longstanding. This double centrifugal movement […]


Mayor of La Roche-sur-Yon, President of the Board of La Roche-sur-Yon, elected referent of Villes de France on the Europe dossier

How does Europe benefit your city? It benefits it with technical and financial support. It is 3 Million euros minimum that will be invested by the EU between 2014 and 2020 in the territory of our agglomeration. These funds are used for urban renewal in priority neighbourhoods or, for example, to fund the creation of […]


Former Minister of State, Mayor of Vitré and President of Vitré Communauté

You have signed the agreement on Action Coeur de Ville with many partners towards the end of 2018. Could you introduce your programme and the actions resulting from it? Vitré is one of those so-called “medium-sized” cities that have a centrality function for their catchment area and a regional influence. Vitré defends its role as […]


The Higher Institute of Building and Public Works

The Higher Institute of Building and Public Works (ISBA TP) is a consular training establishment in Marseille, expert in the specialization of engineers in the field of civil engineering. Founded in 1952, by construction companies in the PACA region to meet the urgent need for major post-war reconstruction and infrastructure modernization projects in the Marseille […]

Mr Jérôme BALOGE

Mayor of Niort, President of the Niort CA

How does Europe benefit your city? Europe contributes to the development of the territory of Niort by allocating funds to finance projects on various themes of the City, the Urban Community of Niort and all the actors of the territory (social landlords, IIBSN, companies, Consular Chambers, farmers…). The proposed projects may relate to the operation […]