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Mr Emmanuel KATRAKIS

Secretary-General of European Confederation of Recycling Industries (EuRIC)

Could you introduce us the EURIC, its tasks and responsibilities  The European Confederation of Recycling Industries (EuRIC) is the trade association for recycling industries at the European level. Our Members consist of the National Recycling Federations present in the majority of the Member States of the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA), […]

Mr Dominique Mamcarz, CSR Director DPDgroup

Improving everyday urban life whilst reducing our impact on the environment

• Why is smart urban delivery the way forward? Being a last-mile delivery player, there are three main challenges to tackle : With the growth of city populations, delivery requests in urban area increase. Over 73% of Europe’s inhabitants live in cities E-commerce is exploding. Parcel volumes are expected to double by 2025, increasing delivery […]

Decarbonisation and manufacturing industry

Jaroslav Suchý, Jiří Reiss, Ivan Souček – Association of the Chemical Industry of the Czech Republic

The EU’s ambition is to lead by example and be a world leader in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and European climate policy has a long-term and intensive influence on European and Czech industry. Industry perceives that the topic of climate change and the fight against it has become a political, social and media phenomenon. Because […]

A just energy transition or just a transition?

Mettre en place un « Fonds pour une transition juste ». Frans Timmermans, Vice-Président exécutif en charge du Green Deal Européen, a répété à plusieurs reprises ces mots comme un mantra, cherchant à rassurer les eurodéputés sur la prise en charge des coûts induits par la transition énergétique pour les régions charbonnières, lors de son […]


Director of the Directorate for Investments, Innovative and Sustainable Transport at the Directorate General for Mobility and Transport (DG MOVE) of the European Commission

What are the transport sector’s major challenges in order to meet the European “Energy & Climate” plan? The answer is in two figures: zero emissions – zero road fatalities! The biggest challenge is to transition to a sustainable and smart mobility system over the next 30 years. By 2050, we must be able to master […]

Mr Jean-Philippe CARPENTIER

President of the Professional Federation of Recycling Enterprises (FEDEREC)

Could you introduce us to FEDEREC, its competencies and tasks? (Briefly) FEDEREC, created in 1945, is the French federation representative of recycling companies. It represents a sector of 1,000 companies, that is to say 2,000 recycling sites in France that have a system of sorting and treating waste as well as the marketing of raw […]

Mrs. Anne BUCHER

Director General of the European Commission, DG Health and Food Safety

Your mission is to ensure safe and healthy food in Europe, what are the means implemented? “Ensuring safe and healthy food” is not the European Commission’s sole responsibility! Nevertheless, “Europe” in general can be considered as the common link of a chain that goes from production to consumers, “from farm to fork”. This is a […]

Mrs Viviane Hoffmann

Responsible renovation: the focus on carbon

What are the cultural and educational aspects of “gastronomic heritage”, stemming from the European Parliament resolution of February 2014, which are embodied in your actions? In its 2014 resolution, the European Parliament defines gastronomy as “a body of knowledge, experience, as well as forms of arts and crafts that make eating healthy and enjoyable“. In […]

Climat Action Europe : “Climatic changes”

” EU can do more to fight dangerous climate change ” says Wendel TRIO as part of the “Energy & Climate” Official Dossier   The climate crisis is one of the biggest challenges the European Union and the world are facing today. Despite progress made over the past few years, the EU’s response to the threat of […]

Europe’s accounting tricks on energy savings

A growing number of EU member states are planning to use accounting tricks, including changes in fuel taxes introduced in the past, to claim “additional” energy savings as part of their EU climate obligations.       “In the beginning, there were eight countries notifying taxation measures. Now, we’re looking at eleven,” said Stefan Scheuer, […]