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M. Garrett BLANEY

Président du Conseil européen de régulation de l’énergie (CEER), Président du CRU Ireland

« les secteurs que nous régulons ont un impact fondamental sur l’économie, et sur les citoyens. La sécurité prend une dimension critique et nous devons mieux nous faire comprendre et être assurés que tous soient informés avant que surviennent les problèmes. »


CEER, as the voice of Europe’s energy regulators, has long had a reputation for being visionary and working to ensure that energy consumers benefit from market liberalisation. Since becoming leader of European energy regulators last November, I have sought to reinvigorate CEER with a renewed emphasis on fostering energy markets in Europe and empowering consumers in a changing energy system.

Accordingly, one of the first tasks that my colleagues and I have set ourselves is to develop a new strategy to guide CEER’s policy objectives and work programme in the coming years, helping to shape the sector in a way that is beneficial for all consumers. We recently marked the first key milestone in this process by publishing, for public consultation, CEER’s proposed 3D policy strategy from 2019 to 2021, focused on Digitalisation, Decarbonisation and Dynamic Regulation. This is with a view to providing for adaptive regulation that enables innovation and least-cost decarbonisation, in a manner that protects and empowers consumers.

This CEER strategy and associated 2019 work programme is out to public consultation until 10 August. We’d very much welcome your views on our strategy proposals before we finalise them later this year. This will help ensure a CEER strategy that is relevant to the challenges and opportunities ahead, which I intend to face head-on together with our regulators and Secretariat. I look forward to your input!

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