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Jana Černochová, Minister of Defence of the Czech Republic

Jana Černochová, Minister of Defence of the Czech Republic

The Presidency is both a great opportunity and a significant challenge. Russia’s brutal aggression against Ukraine has clearly demonstrated the need to rethink some of our basic assumptions and approaches. It has also brought us closer together. We now clearly see that the EU can act swiftly, effectively, in a united manner, as well as in coordination with NATO.

The Czech Presidency’s goal is to contribute to a safer and prosperous Europe. The EU should – together with NATO Allies and other like-minded states – be a defender of shared values, human rights, freedom, and liberal democracy.

The Ministry of Defence will work towards a safer and stronger Europe in the following areas:

  1. EU-NATO cooperation
  2. Support for Ukraine
  3. Implementation of the Strategic Compass

EU-NATO Cooperation

The EU-NATO cooperation is a key component of a safe Euro-Atlantic area. A strong and safe EU means stronger and safer NATO, which remains the cornerstone of our collective defence. The EU and NATO have a great potential to complement each other with their respective tools. Their even-closer cooperation can thus help prevent duplicity and allows for higher effectiveness.

The strategic partnership between the two organizations is built on shared democratic values and the rule of law. The current security situation in Europe has brought the EU and NATO closer than ever. It is now crucial to continue this effort, deepen the political dialogue, and act united. During its Presidency, the Ministry of Defence will work hard to further unify the two organizations and increase effectiveness, while avoiding duplication.

Support for Ukraine

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has had a major impact on geopolitics and the security environment in Europe. The EU, including the Czech Republic, has stood by Ukraine since the very beginning of the war. That is why a resolute support for Ukraine is one of the Czech Presidency’s main priorities. The Czech Republic will ensure the EU continues helping Ukraine both in its fight for its freedom as well as with the country’s post-war reconstruction.

Ukraine’s reconstruction and our cooperation with Eastern European countries is an investment into our common, safe future. We are connected by shared values, such as democracy and freedom, and our determination to protect them. That is why our aid to Ukraine is so crucial.

Implementation of the Strategic Compass

The Strategic Compass is a result of the Member States‘ close cooperation and common effort to strengthen the EU’s security and defence. It is a key document – a first security and defence strategy of the EU – which outlines the steps for the EU to become a more capable security provider. During its Presidency, the Czech Republic will continue with the Compass’ implementation.

The EU is responding to the current changes in the security environment and the Compass will help us face current and emerging threats. Due to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, we understand that cooperation and unity among like-minded states is more important than ever. A stronger and more capable EU will contribute to global security and complement NATO’s military power, which remains the cornerstone for our collective defence.

In this regard, the Ministry of Defence will primarily focus on countering hybrid interference, military mobility, modern technologies, space, capability development, boosting investment, and cooperation with partners, especially NATO.


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