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Mr Luca ZAIA

President of Veneto Region

Mr. President, what’s the role of Veneto Region for the future of the European Project?

Luca Zaia: The role of Veneto in Europe is to share its cultural background full of experiences in order to bring forward a real challenge: creating a Europe of the Regions, that means a Europe that is less controlled by bureaucrats and by the member States.


What is the added value of the network such as the CRPM for the European debate?

LZ: The added value of CRPM is mainly to bring experiences as well as best practices and to share this common challenge which overcomes the borders of the European States. I think that the different measures carried out show that we are up to date.


What’s your opinion about the European debate concerning the future of the post-2020 budget?

LZ: My opinion about the European budget, and everything concerning it, is that we must save the national and regional productive identities and we don’t have to cut the resources of those who work and produce in the territory. Moreover, it would be useful to cut the resources concerning waste, that is so common in Europe.


In a few words, why is Cohesion Policy so important both for Regions and for Europe?

LZ: Cohesion Policy is important and this is proved by visible outcomes. It would be useful to see in my Region how we have invested EU funds to understand that Cohesion Policy hasn’t been thrown away.

I wish you a good work for the future. Thank you.

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